Sean Lowe: Exclusive Q&A



Sean Lowe: Exclusive Q&A Promotional/Marketing Just two weeks after their wedding, we met up with The Bachelor's Sean Lowe and his new wife Catherine at a local coffee house in Dallas, TX. Our exclusive Q&A included questions from his fans and I am Second followers. Check out his reactions and great responses to these thought-provoking, [...]

Moriah Peters’ South American I am Second Expedition

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Moriah Peters' South American I am Second Expedition Promotional/Marketing | Web Video Production Moriah Peters launched her I am Second film this past year and decided to partner with e3Partners & I am Second to go on expedition to Amazon Peru. I had the privilege of traveling alongside her, documenting her experience. Our ten day [...]

I Am Second 5K Story: Finish Second

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I Am Second 5K Story: Finish Second Branded Content | Promotional/Marketing | Web Video Production Watch Ryan's experience of what it feels like to run an I am Second 5K. From the early morning start, to the beginning of the race, we followed alongside Ryan to capture how he uses the I am Second movement to [...]