Caleb & Torri: A Deeply Rooted Love

Caleb & Torri: A Deeply Rooted Love 2017-02-09T16:29:14+00:00

Project Description

As I started to learn more about Torri and Caleb’s story, in preparation for their wedding day, two things became clear:

1) Their relationship was founded on a love that was deeply rooted in Jesus.
2) They had a desire for every aspect of their lives to point towards Jesus’ relationship with His Church, His bride.

Torri had a very special request for her video: she wanted a specific song in particular written by Hunter Thompson, “My Dear.” And although I agreed that this song fit their story perfectly, I told Torri that I didn’t hold out much hope for licensing opportunities for this song. As she insisted, I decided to reach out to Bethel Music and see if they would be willing to license. It took a few months of e-mails and minor negotiations, but we finally had our song! Needless to say, piecing this film together with one of Bethel’s songs has been a dream. We always strive to find the perfect song to match each project we have the privilege of working on, but there is just something extra special about this highlight film!

Torri & Caleb, thank you for trusting us with telling the story of your wedding day — it was an honor!

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